Friday, September 1, 2023

Hell On Reels: 100 Movies for all your Horror Needs - AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1!

Coming this October, my first new film-related release in five years: "HELL ON REELS: 100 MOVIES FOR ALL YOUR HORROR NEEDS."

Because horror has held such a special place in my heart, it felt fitting to compile a reference guide to some of the highlights of the genre that I covered over the years on my online movie blog. This book highlights 100 titles that are in some way significant to that experience -- including a few recent entries like "X" and "Talk to Me," plus a handful of obscure titles you may not have heard of.

The 100 essays contained in this volume are either revised or expanded from their original versions, appearing in print for the first time, or were written exclusively for this release.

"HELL ON REELS" arrives just in time for Halloween. It will be released simultaneously in digital, paperback and hardcover formats on October 1st!


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