Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The times are-a-changin’

The new decade sees a sunrise over a still enigmatic horizon, and sometimes the ones who seek shade are resolved to standing out in the rays of light. For twelve years I was both the writer and the webmaster of Cinemaphile.org, a personal hub of movie-related articles, essays and editorials, and loved every minute of it. But the time also came where things were no longer fun, and passions became chores in an age when new passages were being explored. In a moment of reflection, I realized it was not the writing itself that felt labored, it was implementing the material into repetitive static HTML pages on a web design program I had been using since the early 00s. The evolution of web design meant that things could get easier, but I no longer cared about exploring those avenues. It was the written word I cared about, not the canvas it would be presented on.

So now, against any initial protest and concern, I take Cinemaphile.org to a medium that is better aligned to my own aspirations as a writer. This is not to say I have changed my initial reservations about taking an avenue I have been a vocal critic of in the past. What we have here is not so much a surrender to the ideals of a skewed blogging age as much as it is an embracing of its more trenchant qualities.

To those who have often wondered when, or if, I would begin writing anew, I invite you to stay tuned as these creative gears of mine go through a tune-up. Time away will cause rust, but the bike is just as easy to ride as ever once the legs have readjusted to the pedals.

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Jason said...

Welcome back. It's been far too long.